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PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY: Hubbard's sprightly third Vengeance in the Vineyard mystery...steeped in wine lore, this entry has an authentic feel for the wines and people of Burgundy. Great meals and great wines accompany the mystery. Series fans will thoroughly enjoy its elegant, satisfying finish."

From Martin Walker, author of the "Bruno" series, also set in France:  "BURGUNDY: Twisted Roots" is an intriguing and multi-layered novel about wine love, wine and intrigue, steeped in a deep knowledge of the seductive French lifestyle, from wild boar hunts to wine harvest feasts, with side servings of skullduggery and inheritance laws."


GO TO MY BLOG AND SEE WHAT A PERIPERATIC WRITER I HAVE BECOME-- Photo-essays showing the desks, countertops, and tables in a variety of countries, states, and homes.