Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at 09:24AM
Janet Hubbard

13 November, 2013


Readings are popular. Have you ever been curious about how these readings happen? I imagine that bookstores clamor for authors on best-seller lists, but for those of us who are trying to get our books to a big audience, it requires research (where is your audience?), emails to store owners with requests to read, and a pocketful of cash for many of us. 

In 2014 I'm going for broke! I'm busy lining up bookstores and libraries for the West Coast. In each city I know someone who can help. My agent, Kimberly Cameron, is in San Francisco, and I just heard from Cara Black that she will try to attend my reading (and party). My daughter is in LA, and is helping there. My college roommate is in San Diego, my niece is in Denver, and my publisher is in Scottsdale. 

You may have attended readings where only three or four people show up. That is my nightmare, and I'm sure the store's nightmare.  I planned my readings of CHAMPAGNE, and then went on a campaign to get my friends out to support me. They brought friends and my audiences grew. It take a tremendous amount of energy, and belief in self, but it works. A friend whose mystery was published the same time CHAMPAGNE was asked me in disbelief, "How the hell did you book a reading at Mysterious Bookshop when I only got a signing."  I think it had to do with my editor, Barbara Peters, but I'm not sure. We had around 20 people, enough that I am invited back in 2014.

I'm dreaming up the kind of event I want to have in Vermont early summer. I'm on the boards of two barn theaters and think a "come one-come all" party might work at one of them.

Even Donna Tart, with ecstatic reviews of her latest novel, "The Goldfinch," which I enthusiastically recommend, will be touring this year. She admits to not being excited about that aspect of her career. It helps in my case that I am half-introvert (writing) and half-extrovert (love people).

I'll keep you posted on my plans, and hope some of you will turn up at one of my readings! And I'd love to hear about some of the best readings you've attended. Was the writer entertaining, or was it a cold reading? I personally like it when the author tells stories about writing the book.

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