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A Movable Desk

I realize that for the past five years while working on three different novels (all published as of September this year) that for one who thought that she could only write in her Vermont studio, circumstances (mostly financial) have led me to write in many rooms. I thought it would be fun to write about each room, and how I landed there. Off the top of my head, I have written in Vermont (Warren, Fayston, and St. Johnsbury), Paris, Burgundy, Wyoming, Virginia, and Gilford, N.H. Every space has been given to me, and I am overcome with gratitude when I think of the kindness of my friends. 

The first room I want to write about is the one I wrote in in Paris. 

I have been going to stay with my friend Colette Buret for decades. Our sons are now in their 30s, and long out of their homes, and so when in Paris I have the room that used to be Colette's son, Simon. Here's a photo:



The room has a single bed to the left, and a large French window above. I liked to lie in bed late at night and watch the sky. Below the window is an open courtyard. So, there was a bed, and a big desk, above which were shelves loaded with books, paintings and sketches of Simon's. A small closet was on my right, and a small chest of drawers was against that same wall. All very simple. I would wake in the morning and check emails, then join "Coco" in the large (vast by comparison to other kitchens I saw) kitchen for a bowl of coffee and bread with butter and jam, and sometimes a yogurt. After, she would send me to write, and she would wash dishes and then take her minature pincer, Oscar, for a walk. I closed the door, usually around nine, and wrote until noon, when I would be aware of Coco bustling around. We would enjoy dejeuner together, and after that I would either return to my room to write, or sometimes we decided to go to a gallery.

This was our schedule day after day. 

Here I am with Colette; we were in Vermont (where I have a home) when this was taken:






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