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I learned recently that I had been accepted by the board of The Turkey Land Cove Foundation on Martha's Vineyard to come to a beautiful house on the water and be nurtured while I write.  I found this through Hope Clark's newsletter, and applied. The foundation encourages creative women from New York and New England to apply. The woman is given a house and three meals a day are delivered to the door. What a gift!

For two weeks I will put my "Mystery" life on hold, and concentrate on finishing a literary novel that has been in the works for years. I'm on the fourth draft and plan to write THE END while on Martha's Vineyard. I will be there with no car, and will keep emails and phone calls to a minimum. When writing, time doesn't seem to exist, but at the end of two weeks, I will be saying, "It's over?"  

The novel is "Moira's Secret," and I call it my "love child." 

It takes place in 1979 and 1995 in New York City and a town in Connecticut. I will write a synopsis soon and post here. 

Immediately after that retreat I will change hats and fly to California to start my BORDEAUX tour. One woman who wears many hats.