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Hi.  I've been in touch with a woman in France with a special mission: to bring French writers to the attention of the American public. She and I have decided to work together to bring the French books to the attention of the American public, and American authors who set their books in France to the French public.

Please go to and enroll in their "sweepstakes" after downloading two special novels:  The Paris Lawyer and Treachery in Bordeaux. I have downloaded both, and am reading the latter first, as my next mystery novel is set in Bordeaux.  That series has been turned into a television show in France.  

You can win a trip to France if you enroll, and second prize is some fabulous wines from France. I'll be back this weekend with more details about these two novels, and why you would enjoy them.

I love the collaborative feel of all of this. 

Thank you!